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Premium Wine Tastings

Enjoy exclusive wines from the different regions of Argentina, perfectly matched with regional food specialties. Taste unique Argentine flavors, improve your knowledge about our wines and its history while having fun!

5 Wines from Premium producers algonside 5 food pairings with top Notch Argentinean ingredients.

The events are held in 2 hours total and have a minimum of 2 people attendance with a maximum of 6 people. These events are intimate to excel in a personalized service.

Brief story of Malbec

The expansion of Malbec around the world, outside of France, started in the 18th century to the east. In the 1840s and 1850s, Malbec strains began to be cultivated in the Quintas Normal of Santiago de Chile and Mendoza.

Malbec adapted very well to the soils and climates of Argentina in general, and of Mendoza in particular. The winegrowers welcomed it with enthusiasm and, little by little, it expanded as the main strain of national viticulture. At the beginning of the 20th century, most of the vineyards in Mendoza were already formed by the then called “French grape”, which was the form of mainly denominate Malbec.

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