Boat Tour in Delta of Tigre

6 hs

The Delta of Tigre is a place distant 28 km (17 mi) from Buenos Aires. Discover it with a local, private tour guide.

A delta is when a river comes to its end and it flows into a sea or river. All the sediments that it brings form the different and many islands. This is the only delta in the world that flows into freshwater, the Río de La Plata (River Plate River) which is the widest in the world. It is 125 miles wide and 185 long.

After picking you up, we will set off to San Isidro and visit its ancient Cathedral and its beautiful houses.  This is the rich part of the suburbs of the north of Buenos Aires. After that we will take a boat and visit the Delta of Tigre´s many islands. We will see the different houses and you will learn about the lifestyle of the people living in such a peculiar way. After that we will walk along Puerto de Frutos or “fruit port” which is now a crafts fair located in the old fruit market by the riverside. 

In this Delta Day tour you will have private transportation and guide but you will share the boat with other people. If you are between 3 and 6 you can enjoy of a private boat in a different tour also exploring the Delta.

Let me be your private tour guide and show you this beautiful town just a few kilometers away from Buenos Aires!


Tigre Delta

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